Busines Meeting Minutes March 2024

Forest Meadow was officially incorporated in 1982 as a small country church tucked into a corner of the Sandia mountains.  But the story of the church really begins in the years before its planting with the vision and the prayers of faithful saints that have been moving in this area since the 1940s.

Many hands from different churches labored diligently on this land for over four decades, each one contributing a verse or chapter to the story the Lord was building.  In the years following the church remained despite several dry seasons and difficult days.   

Beginning in 1999 Forest Meadow was shepherded for twenty years by Pastor Tom Lambert.  Together with his wife Tammy, their family led and served the church body, orchestrated outreach to their local community, and discipled future leadership. 

In 2021 Mike Hernandez accepted the role of lead pastor.  Today he, his wife Chelsea, and their family continue to love and well serve the community they have been ministering to and laboring alongside for many years. 

By the grace of God, Forest Meadow continues to grow and bear fruit. 



Here at Forest Meadow our mission is to encourage, instruct, and equip the body of Christ, to make disciples, and to see the East Mountains renewed by the Gospel.

We are a broken but forgiven people who seek to build the Kingdom, to love our neighbors, and to lay stepping stones for eternity, so that those who come behind us might know the Lord, walk in His ways, and have hope as they journey on the narrow way toward our true Home.     

Business Meeting Minutes March 2024


We believe in one God, the creator of all things.  We firmly believe the Bible is His inerrant Word.  We confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he is the only Savior, and that salvation is a free gift of grace through his blood.  By Jesus’ death and resurrection we receive the forgiveness of sins and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  Together with all of God’s people worldwide, we await the return of Christ and the resurrection of the dead. 

Theologically, FMBC subscribes to the Baptist Faith and Message.  We partner with the Southern Baptist Convention of New Mexico and other like minded churches, but ours is an independent body, unified and led by the Holy Spirit.  Our elders, deacons, and staff form a leadership team that works together to serve our body.